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Faced/Faceless Digital Marketing Course + MRR + 4 Weeks Free Mentorship

Faced/Faceless Digital Marketing Course + MRR + 4 Weeks Free Mentorship

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Digital Marketing + Social Media course for beginners with Master Resell Rights 

Maybe you are just getting started on your journey with digital marketing and you have ZERO experience.

Or maybe you have started a digital marketing business, but you are feeling stuck, are not seeing success, aren't sure how to show up on social media, or don't know where to start when it comes to creating your own digital product.

Maybe you are doing well with your digital marketing business, but you are ready to take it to the next level.

Wherever YOU are at in your journey, this course was created just for YOU.

SIMPLY PASSIVE has 45+ video modules, templates, checklists, and MORE.

In this online course, you'll learn:

⁃ Effective strategies to start making Viral Face & Faceless Content
⁃ How to earn your followers’ trust with Marketing
⁃ How to build and grow a face & faceless social media page from scratch
⁃ The most simplified way to find your niche & how to make money from it
⁃ How to find your target audience to gain more sales
⁃ How to choose a business name and branding yourself/business (includes FREE name generator tool)
⁃ How to find digital product templates in Canva
⁃ How to use ChatGPT to create your digital products
⁃ How to price your products to make profit
⁃ Trending hooks, hashtags and trending audio ideas to make your content go viral
⁃ How to use your story in your face & faceless content to win customers over
Includes easy EXAMPLES for beginners so you can easily apply to your brand

Includes where to get premade videos you can use if you don't want to create your own content or are too busy

This course includes an exclusive community with me and more individuals around the world to help take your content to the next level in digital marketing. 

*Wanna make your money back + more? You can resell this course multiple times and keep 100% of the profit. It’s a "Done For You" Course that you can resell without doing any work because the course has already been created for your customers.
What's amazing is that you will also have my personal help for 4 weeks!!!
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